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Consume the right mix of danger and delight

The Kalri Warriors Fire Act offers breathtaking shows for all types of events. Our performances can include a multitude of acts such as Fire Poi, Fire Hoop, Fire Swords, and more to make your event unforgettable.

Kalaripayattu Fire dancing can be incorporated into nearly any kind of performing arts including musical performances, belly-dancing, and theatre. There are literally dozens of different methods of fire dancing. Two popular methods are Fire Poi and Fire Staff. Whether you want a solo kalari fire performer to add ambience to a party, or you’re seeking a full stage performance with fire dancing, poi spinning, fire staff spinning, or other fire manipulation, this edgy art form will excite audiences and heat up any event.

Fire staff are fast and intense fire spining performances using a metal or wooden tube with wicking material applied to one or both the ends. Staffs are typically used individually or in pairs. juggling three or more is also possible, providing a jaw-dropping visual experience for the audience.

Fire Poi is the most difficult and technical fire act form that involves swinging two chains in intricate patterns around the performer’s body. Spinning inches from the face, behind the back and between legs, a great poi performance requires extreme precision and unparalleled special awareness.

Using staff manipulation technique with fire act tools such as poi, staff, the fire artists create a unique breathtaking spectacle on stage creating fire in motion through intricate body movements. Thus creating a high energy, exciting fire show that will mesmerize the crowds at any event.
Using double fire staff technique of fire dancing in Kalaripayattu, the performer rolls the double staff over parts of the arms, legs and body. Double Fire Staff act is also very flexible, and can be performed in a small space, or to fill a large open stage for grand movements and high tosses.

Corporate Events

Kalari Warriors always comes up with new ideas for business owners to present products in a creative way. Hire Kalari Warriors for Corporate Events, Product Launches, Promotional Events, Fund raiseres, and more. Our Corporate Clients love our Safety Procedures, Creative Design, Costumes, and that “Wow Factor” that gets everybody excited.

Hire Kalari Warriors for Corporate Events, Product Launches, Promotional Events, Fund raiseres, and more.

Private Events

Book Fire Dancers for Private Events. Great for Product Launches, Celebrity Events, Red Carpet Events, Private Birthdays Celebrations, Weddings, Resorts and More. 

Popular entertainment option for after dinner shows, gala dinners, ceremonies, festivals, private parties, etc.

Daring and highly ambitious fire act will leave a lasting impression on your event.

Film, Television, & Festivals

If you would like something custom created in Kalari Fire Performance for your movies, Tv shows, commercials and photoshoots for products, brands, let us know and we promise to make it spectacular. 

We have also performed in many cultural festivals in India and across the globe.

Out fire acts can be tailored to suit any indoor & outdoor venues as per your requirements

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Fire Dancing Lessons at

Kalari Warriors

Dancing with fire is not only very soul energizing but very theraphatic too. This form of dancing with fire makes the believer merge his vital energy with that of the fire to purify and symbolically burn all the fear inside himself. Fire Dance is a moving meditation that improves coordination, balance, flexibility, and strength, is a great way to tune into the body, exercise the brain, and develop refined motor skills.

Dancing with fire is not only very soul energizing but very theraphatic too. Fire Dance is a moving meditation that improves coordination, balance, flexibility, and strength, is a great way to tune into the body, exercise the brain, and develop refined motor skills.

Fire dancing classes teach artists how to swing objects soaked in fuel and lit on fire around their body safely. At Kalari Warriors, we teach poi classes, chest motion classes, and some single and double staff classes.

Most classes are taught without using fire so students can comfortably learn the skills before lighting their tools on fire and risking injury.

  • Exercise and Fitness
  • Kalari for Dancers and Actors
  • To become a professional fire dancer
  • Learn to embrace strength, integrity and alignment
  • Learn to Connect with your body, develop a better relationship with the space around and within you

The weeks I spent with Arpit reset my physical form forever. I feel much stronger and better balanced. His routine has given me a few exercises that I continue to do every day. Mainly the lunges and squats. I am thankful to Arpit for helping me reconnect with Kalaripayattu that my ancestors practiced.

M K Anand


Kalari is not limited to a martial art form but it can also be linked to yoga, meditation, way of life. Arpit is the perfect trainer having great knowledge about Kalari and the wisdom behind it. He has been a great help to me to get over my lower back pain along with prepping me up for my upcoming role. I highly recommend Kalari Warriors to everyone.

Sunny Kaushal

Bollywood Actor

I didn’t know much about Kalaripayattu till after finishing the first batch with sir, Arpit Singh. I learned what was missing in my life. It just transformed my body and mind. At least once everyone should experience the beauty of kalarippayattu.

Sadiya Siddiqui

Indian actress

Learning Kalari has been one enriching experience, it is not just your body that is involved, the inner you rejoice. I remember waking up early for 8 weeks straight to come to the class. The feeling of doing Kalari was good, it was for the first time that the first batch of 4 weeks I didn’t miss a single day. I am someone who can’t wake up early but Kalari made me do it. In life or on the set I have become so much more aware of my surroundings. I still sometimes do the namaskar if I feel very disoriented.

Parul Gulati


I first was introduced to Kalarippayattu when I contacted Arpit to ask if I could photograph his class. I could see during his class the care and attention he gave to each member of the class and how much respect his students had for him. Arpit offered online classes that I was able to attend and experience his teaching first-hand. They were a wonderful experience and helped me learn some Kalari basics and make some improvements in my flexibility and concentration. I highly recommend his classes and would not hesitate to join them live if I was in Mumbai!

Jeff Schaeffer

Photographer (Retired IT Professional), USA

Days that start with Arpit’s Kalari sessions are days full of energy and life. When I started these classes I realized how stiff my body was, as days passed I became more flexible and my endurance improved. My confidence and awareness in the capacity of my body increased so much that I ran my first full marathon with no special running training. At the end of each session, I was drenched in sweat but still with greater power than before.

Dr. Jerin

Neuro Physiotherapist , an Art lover and Marathon enthusiast

My mind is at peace. I have stopped bothering my mind with thoughts that ideally shouldn’t. Haven’t got it 100%. But there is an improvement graph.

Bhakti Maniar

CA and Actress

I tried many art forms, but never found the one perfect for me. 2 years back spotted Arpit doing stick movement and I knew this is what I want to do. It’s not about burning calories; it’s about listening to your body. Training your body to take over your mind. It’s been 3 years now, never felt better about my Body & Health. Thank you Arpit.

Yogita Bihani


Kalaripayattu gave me so much confidence towards the ability of my body, raised my self-esteem, held me a lot emotionally. Helped me to be aware of my emotions.


Voice Over Artist

Kalaripayattu and Bharata Natyam are both age-old traditional art forms and
complement each other beautifully. These are disciplines that make the practitioner place the art above oneself. To me, understanding, this philosophy of Kalari came easy because of my journey of classical dance. I feel lighter on my feet and definitely fitter and more agile. I would definitely recommend Kalari to not only dancers, actors, and performers but anyone who is looking for a fitter and more fulfilling life.

Prachi Sathi

Bharatnatyam Dancer and a Mother

Kalari is just not about physical fitness, it’s also about feeling centered, disciplined, feeling good about oneself. I am grateful for the Kalaripayattu practice and Arpit. He is being a great teacher and Kalari practitioner. I look forward for a long association with him.



For someone who wants to get trained in Kalaripayattu, it’s important to find a great teacher who has in-depth knowledge, makes you stay in the Practice, motivates you, and guides you well. In short, helps you transform yourself into a BETTER VERSION. Arpit is that teacher. I am very grateful I found him.


Kalari Practitioner based in USA


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